Performing a Manual Posting of a General Ledger Document


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Perform a manual posting of a general ledger document.

Manual Posting of General Ledger Documents

Jill is aware that most of the G/L postings will be generated automatically in SAP. However, if a reclassification or a non-automated journal entry is required, she will review the key elements and the steps needed to post a manual journal entry.

She is excited about how the entry of a G/L document posting works exactly, and then she likes to do her first document entry.

You can easily create and post a G/L account document using the Fiori app Post General Journal Entries.

Posting of a G/L document

And here the second example is coming: Posting with tax.

Here are two examples of posting a G/L document. The first one is a simple one. The second posting is including tax.

And here the second example is coming: Posting with tax.

Let’s see what Jill thinks about that:

"That's great! Now I’m well prepared for posting my first G/L document."

This is perfect. Here comes the exercise.

Post General Ledger Journal Entries

Two general journal entries have to be posted to company code 1010. The first posting is the entry of a cash receipt on a bank account (incoming checks). The second journal entry is the cash payment of a car purchase. This posting is made taking tax into account.

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