Configuring Segmentation


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Define setting for segmentation profiles and data sources

In the Segmentation Configuration app, you can define settings for segmentation profiles, segmentation objects and their attributes, as well as data sources.

Creating Segmentation Profiles

Segmentation is based on specific segmentation profiles. A segmentation profile determines the population of the first segment when creating a segmentation model.

The following standard Segmentation Profiles are provided by SAP Marketing Cloud:

  • All Contacts segments on individual persons.
  • All Consumers segments on consumers for B2C scenarios.
  • All Corporate Accounts segments on accounts for B2B scenarios.
  • All Accounts and Contacts used in scenarios where all contacts are required irrespective of being an individual or an account.
  • All Interactions segments on interactions, used to create content for campaign automation.

To create a segmentation profile, go to the Segmentation Configuration app and navigate to the Segmentation Profiles app. Choose "+" to define a new segmentation profile. You give the technical name and description for the segmentation profile. You must choose the underlying segmentation object and data source alias for the new segmentation profile.

Creating Segmentation Objects and Attributes

Within Segmentation Configuration, there is an app for Segmentation Objects and Attributes. You can create segmentation objects and change the details of segmentation objects, for example hiding or renaming segmentation attributes. Using this app, you can create segmentation objects, change their assigned data sources and the attributes that originate from the data source.

For more information about segmentation objects and attributes, please refer to this documentation.

Data sources

In Data Sources, you can view data sources for segmentation objects and value help. If you would like to add your own data sources from an SAP HANA system, you can use the Add Custom Views app.

Transporting Segmentation Configuration Changes

When you define configuration settings in the Segmentation Configuration app, they are stored in your quality system. To transport your changes to other production system in your system landscape, the system administrator has to follow certain steps.

Engage with the following interaction to learn about the steps:

It is important to note that application data such as segmentation models or target groups cannot be transported from a quality system to a production system and have to be created in the production system manually.

Best Practice for Segmentation Configuration

Please check out the documentation for best practice for segmentation configuration.

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