Navigating the SAP Marketing Cloud Solution


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Marketing Solution Overview

Marketing Process

SAP Marketing Cloud provides you with a 360-degree view of each of your customers and gives you real-time insights into business leads at every stage of the marketing life cycle.​​

As shown in the diagram, SAP Marketing Cloud captures data about various events and interactions. Once the inbound data points are identified, marketers can merge, match, and enrich the customers’ data and build a cohesive customer profile based on their behavior and engagement. The contact profile allows the marketers to track context and interest and to predict the future buying propensity and engagement . ​

Then, marketers can perform personalized targeting and orchestration based on the interactions made by the customers. Marketers can also segment the customer data within SAP Marketing Cloud and create campaigns that can be pushed through various channels such as email, mobile, social media, paid search platforms, and more.​

Architecture Overview

Extensibility Overview

In each marketing implementation project, you’ll run into the requirement that you need to adapt, configure or extend the standard solution. A large adaptation of SAP Marketing Cloud is possible, according to your needs.

Click on each option to learn about the different extensibility options.

Additional Resources

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