Gaining Insights on Dynamic Customer Profiling


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  • Explain the key capabilities of Dynamic Customer Profiling

Dynamic Customer Profiling Overview

Let’s begin with an overview of the Dynamic Customer Profiling scenario and its key capabilities.

Dynamic Customer Profiling comprises the process of collecting and enriching customer information and interactions from various channels and creating a single view of the customer in real time. This information can later be used in segmentation to build specific audiences and help your campaigns become more effective.

Marketing Process

Process Flow of Dynamic Customer Profiling

Now let’s look at the process flow of Dynamic Customer Profiling.

  • First, build a consistent interaction data model by integrating data from different source systems.
  • Enrich your data from additional 1st and 3rd party sources. Watch the profile grow with each additional Interaction.
  • Explore the data via dashboards and fact sheets to gain deeper insights into your target audience, build segments and leverage predictive scoring and machine learning algorithms.
  • Lastly, enable your marketers to address the right people with the right message at the right time via the right channel.

Key Capabilities

Key Features of Contacts

Watch this tutorial to learn about the key features of the Contacts app.

Enable Now Tutorial - Accessing Contact Profiles

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