Integrating with SAP and Non-SAP Solutions


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Integrate both SAP and non-SAP solutions with SAP Marketing Cloud.

Integration with SAP Solutions

SAP Marketing Cloud can be combined with SAP Cloud Integration to easily connect to any cloud or on-prem system. SAP Cloud Integration is linked to the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) which is the preferred middleware solution, acting as a platform for integration, extensibility, and development scenarios in a common Cloud Architecture for quick and simple custom configuration and deployment. It can be used to process, model and connect dataflows, systems, and services from the SAP and the non-SAP world, aggregating data from different kinds of data sources.

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For a closer look at how SAP Integrations solutions uses SAP S/4HANA-Cloud, SAP CRM, and SAP ERP, let's watch this video:


Integration with SAP Commerce Cloud

On the one hand, this integration leverages the value of commerce stores by personalizing customer engagement to allow you to display SAP Marketing Cloud content, such as recommendations and personalized campaign content, in SAP Commerce Cloud. On the other hand, the integration drives customer retention by gathering data from SAP Commerce Cloud about your marketing activities.

Carry out integration installation and configuration activities in SAP Commerce Cloud.

Read this CX Works article to learn about how to integrate SAP Marketing Cloud with SAP Commerce Cloud using SAP Cloud Integration:

Integrating SAP Marketing Cloud and SAP Commerce Cloud Using SAP Integration Suite


Integration with SAP Customer Data Cloud

This integration enables you to add SAP Customer Data Cloud first-party, permission-based user information into the SAP Marketing Cloud platform, and turn it into actionable data for audience segmentation, targeted marketing, and more.

To enable replication of customer, consent, and subscription from SAP Customer Data Cloud to SAP Marketing Cloud, the following integration flow for configuration steps need to be performed:

To learn more about how to configure your integration flows on the SAP Cloud Integration tenant, read this documentation page: SAP Marketing Cloud Integration with SAP Customer Data Cloud


Integration with SAP Cloud For Customer

Let's discover how data integration between SAP Marketing Cloud and SAP Cloud for Customers allows marketing experts to see data interaction.

You can see below the business benefits and features your customers receive when they integrate SAP Cloud for Customer.

FeaturesBusiness Benefits
  • Plan campaigns and sales initiatives in Marketing Cloud and execute them in Sales Cloud.
  • Sales representative does the follow-up of the lead in Sales Cloud using business activities.
  • Leads converted to opportunities in Sales Cloud.
  • All changes in leads or opportunities are synchronized back to Marketing Cloud and stored as interactions.
  • Closed loop between campaign planning in Marketing Cloud and execution as sales campaign in Sales Cloud.
  • Sales professionals get pre-qualified leads (based on target groups/ segmentation algorithms) from Marketing Cloud and further develop their sales potential in Sales Cloud.
  • Marketer always have full transparency about their marketing campaigns and their execution progress in real-time.

Business to Business Demo

Here is a demonstration of a Business-to-Business integration in action:


Now watch this video to learn about how to configure your system for integration between SAP Marketing Cloud and SAP Cloud for Customer:


Additional Information

To see the complete list of all available integration scenarios of SAP Marketing Cloud, check this table on the Help Portal.

Integration with Qualtrics

In the following videos, you will find out how to collect survey responses in SAP Marketing Cloud using the Actions Functionality of Qualtrics:


Additional Information

For more information, read this CX article:

Send Out SAP Qualtrics Transactional Survey Links by SAP Marketing Cloud Campaign Execution

Integration with non-SAP Solutions

Integrating with Social Media and Google Analytics

SAP Cloud Integration helps you to integrate with your preferred social media platforms, as well as with Google Analytics.

SAP Cloud Integration allows you to add and process data from wearables such as fitness trackers, mobile applications, loyalty solutions, or other sensory-data-sources. You can also integrate objects and features, such as third-party or self-developed "Landing Pages", or provide a paid-search-integration for broader advertising with Google AdWords.

Use our integration guidelines and SAP API Business Hub for a deeper understanding of the possibilities we offer today and in the future.

To learn how to integrate with social media, use the following learning materials:

Additionally, these resources will help you learn more around the integration topic:


Watch this video to learn about how to integrate and analyze Google Ads Campaigns:


Integrating with Mendix

Do you want to learn how to use custom apps to supplement your marketing capabilities?

In Mendix, you can find three types of building blocks: the Domain Model, the Microflow for orchestration logic, and Pages for the user interface. This way, visual elements replace numerous lines of code and it takes less time to develop the app.

To learn more about how to integrate other Mendix capabilities with SAP Marketing Cloud, watch the following videos:


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