Accessing Helping Documents


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  • Define online and offline support materials


We've curated a collection of accelerator documents that are tailored to assist you directly. These resources offer how-to guides and best practice recommendations, serving as valuable aids throughout your integration journey.

The accelerators are linked to tasks, ensuring that they seamlessly align with your project's progression. Specifically for the SAP Business Network Supplier Portal SKU, we've crafted accelerators that are designed to enhance your experience:

  • Supplier Portal_42K_Public Cloud - Cookbook: This Configuration Guide is your go-to resource for the 42K setup in your S/4HANA Cloud system, Quality Environment. It covers the configuration process comprehensively, making sure you're equipped to navigate this essential step.
  • Supplier Portal_42K_Public Cloud - Cutover Set-up: This Configuration Guide is your companion during the Cut-Over Phase. It's designed to provide configuration steps for the S/4HANA Cloud system, Production Environment.

These accelerators are linked to SAP Cloud ALM Tasks, you can directly access them from inside the SAP Cloud ALM tenant. Look up your project in the Tasks tile, then open the detail view for a task and on the left side you will find the Accelerators tab.

System screen print showing the accelerators tab under the tasks option

Alternatively, the same accelerators are also accessible from within the Roadmap Viewer.

These accelerators are crafted to provide practical support, enabling you to effectively manage each phase of your integration journey. Feel free to utilize them as you proceed and remember that Implementation Service Support is here to address any questions or concerns you might have. Your success is our priority.

Other Online Documentation Resources

Besides theses solution-oriented accelerators included in the Roadmap Viewer and SAP Cloud ALM task structure, SAP also offers various product documentation. Having access to these documentation resources significantly aids in understanding, implementing, and troubleshooting various aspects of the products and their integration.

Deployment Description for Supplier Portal

This document provides an overview of the SAP Business Network Connection Services ("Implementation Services") when utilizing a specific connection type. This document basically describes the working together between SAP and the customer/partner, e. g. it defines key deliverables & activities for SAP and the customer/partner. Besides it also specifies general assumptions which are valid for the project and also highlights the project duration and describes which UI (User Interface) customizations in SAP Business Network can be done.

It also limits these customizations to 5 in total.

Please download this document and read it carefully.

SAP Business Network Administration Guide (for reference only)

Buyer Administration guide:

SAP Business Network Buyer Administration Guide

Overview page for SAP Business Network for Procurement:

Content: The "Buyer Administration Guide" for SAP Business Network is a reference document or resource provided by SAP to assist organizations, specifically the buyer entities, in efficiently configuring and managing their activities within the SAP Business Network platform.

SAP Integration Suite, managed gateway for Spend Management and SAP Business Network

Content: The link directs you to the main page for managed gateway for Spend Management and SAP Business Network, providing additional details on regular updates and potential enhancements.

cXML Solutions Guide (for reference only)

Content: The cXML (Commerce XML) Solutions Guide is the native message format that provides detailed information and specifications for the cXML protocol and how it's used in SAP Business Network. cXML is an XML-based standard used in electronic commerce and business-to-business (B2B) transactions. It defines a structured and standardized way for businesses to exchange information related to procurement, purchasing, and supply chain activities. It’s the native message format of SAP Business Network.

Connect Support

Content: SAP Ariba Connect functions as a platform or community created to streamline cooperation, networking, and the exchange of knowledge among SAP Business Network users, buyers, partners, and specialists. It acts as a central hub for accessing various resources, staying updated on product developments, and actively participating in the SAP Business Network community.

42K Scope Item Documentation for Public Cloud

(for reference only)

Then, change the version to your country and your S/4HANA Cloud system version.

(make sure SAP S/4HANA Cloud is selected for 42K Public Cloud documentation)

Content: This link directs you to the official 42K scope item configuration help page. The information available in SAP CLOUD ALM is a condensed and simplified version of the 42K help guide. To explore potential process improvements, please consult the official 42K documentation.

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