Introducing SAP Business Network for Procurement


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  • Define SAP Business Network for Procurement

SAP Business Network for Procurement

SAP Business Network for Procurement digitalizes the collaboration with Trading Partners.

It represents the world's largest trading community of over 4.5 million companies and allows you to collaborate and transact seamlessly with Trading Partners to bring speed, savings, and innovation to the entire source-to-pay process.

Select the link below to learn about SAP Business Network and how it helps companies compete in the global network economy.

SAP Business Network Solution Video: Introduction to SAP Business Network


The benefits for Buyers and Suppliers are as follows:

Benefits for Buyers

  • 4-15% Sourcing savings
  • 70% Operating cost reduction
  • 1-4% Compliance savings
  • $2-3M Discount savings for $1B addressable spend

Benefits for Suppliers

  • 15% Increased sales & wallet share
  • 40+% Operation Cost Reduction
  • 6 days DSO reduction
  • Transparency into the customer procurement operations

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