Introducing SAP Business Network Value


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Leverage the value of SAP Business Network.

SAP Business Network Value

Your ERP Needs a Network

With the S/4HANA implementation you have the state of the art ERP solution for your company.

Your ERP needs a Network like your phone needs a sim card: without it, you are detached from external communication. Your phone can have the best clarity photos and videos but without the sim card, you wouldn't be able to connect to external parties to share content.

SAP Business Network Trading Partners

Similarly to the SIM card, the SAP Business Network helps you connect with your Trading Partners, in this case, your Suppliers.

Value Proposition

Connecting to Trading Partners will help to increase the value proposition, which has been derived from our benchmarking programs.

In the following section, you will learn more about the benchmarking programs.

Assurance of Supply: 8-23% Lower Revenue Loss due to Stock Depletion

Process Efficiency: 40-60% in Operating Cost Reduction

Improved Asset Uptime: 3-5% improvement in return on assets

Cash Management: $1-2M saving per $1 billion on spend

Value Realization Examples

These value propositions will help you to increase your shareholder value and market cap. Through real-time digital access to your Trading Partners, you will in turn optimize your supply chain.

Some value realization examples are as follows:

  • Buyer visibility into shipment status.
  • Suppliers have real-time visibility on the order cycle.
  • Suppliers have the choice to transact via SAP Business Network Supplier account, or via integration.
  • Suppliers can collaborate from any location, from any device.
  • Efficiencies gained in compliance tracking and eliminated errors.


  1. Your ERP needs a network to collaborate effectively with external partners.
  2. The SAP Business Network provides assurance of supply through real time digital access.

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