Contacting the Implementation Service


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Define a clear guidance on how buyers can effectively communicate with the Implementation Services team via email to receive support

Engagement with Implementation Services

In case buyers can contact their Implementation Services through email to request support.

When sending an email requesting support, the subject email should include the customer's name, such as "[Customer name] Subject."

Email interface showcasing how to correctly format a support request, highlighting the subject line [Customer name] Subject' for personalized and efficient assistance. Additionally, please submit details of the issue, and including screenshots and descriptions of the steps to produce the error will assist us in responding more effectively.

Implementation Services can assist by:

  • Offering best practice recommendations.
  • Assist with resolving integration problems identified during setup or testing phases.
  • Handling the necessary customizations within Integration Gateway and SAP Business Network.
  • Providing guidance on testing these enhancements and transporting them into the Production environment.

Please be informed that Implementation Service will provide support only during the implementation phase. Afterwards, especially after business go-live the regular SAP Business Network support will be able to further assist.

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