Accessing SAP Business Network for Procurement Support and Documentation


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Access SAP Business Network for Procurement Support and Documentation.

SAP Business Network for Procurement Buyer account: Support and Documentation

SAP Business Network for Procurement provides users with Support and Documentation to further understand any feature on the Buyer Account. It is also a useful tool to review any issue (for example, error messages) and to find instructions on how to resolve the issue. Any Buyer Account user has access to the Help Center.

All Buyer Account users have access to the Help Center in both test and production environment, prior and after logging into Buyer Account.

To access the Help Center, click on the question mark on the top right interface and select Documentation, Support, or learn more about the widget depending on the requirement.

Useful links for start:

In addition to the resources available on the SAP Business Network for Procurement Buyer Account, Buyers have the option to access a separate buyer-facing portal with full documentation of any activity an options concerning SAP Ariba - SAP Ariba Connect.

This portal provides Buyers with:

  • The option to create Service Requests for SAP Support team to troubleshoot any technical issues.
  • Outlook and information on new releases on SAP Business Network and announcements.
  • Contact with SAP Community and SAP Product team through "Customer Influence" process.
  • Full documentation of SAP Ariba solutions, enhancements and troubleshooting articles.
  • Visibility on any system updates, incidents, and alerts.

Access to SAP Ariba Connect is available only for max. 5 users and access request needs to be placed directly with Buyer’s SAP Customer Success Partner.

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