Establishing Notifications


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Set and Maintain your SAP Business Network for Procurement Buyer Account Notifications.

SAP Business Network for Procurement Buyer Account Administration: Notifications

A successful usage of SAP Business Network for Procurement requires Buyers to stay informed about any activities (or the lack of) on their Buyer Account. As owner of the account, Buyers have the obligation to track activities on SAP Business Network for Procurement and to support troubleshooting in case of technical or enablement issues.

Buyers have multiple types of Notifications at their disposal to stay on top of any events and activities that can affect the Buyer Account or transactions with Trading Partners.

Notifications are triggered immediately by events that occur on SAP Business Network for Procurement Buyer Account and send to the pre-defined email address. For example, Buyers can choose to be notified by email whenever a Purchase Order cannot be delivered to a targeted destination or when an Invoice is received or updated.

A list of notifications is per default activated and can be triggered by sending messages to the Buyer Account Administrator email address. To change the email address for each activated notification, Buyer Account Administrator can make changes directly on the user interface: "Manage Profile" > "Notifications" >open field for email address next to every notification.

When notifications are to be sent to multiple addresses (max. 3), every email address is to be listed with a comma in between (no space). For example:,

SAP recommends:

  • Buyers aligning internally who is to be notified in case of specific activities. For example, if a Trading Partner has cancelled the Trading Relationship on the network with the Buyer.
  • To use a group email address instead of a personal email address for notifications relating to transaction topics. For example, "Purchase Order delivery to Supplier was unsuccessful" or "Supplier has sent an Invoice Update."

Keep in mind: Only notifications related to system updates, Trading Partner Enablement and documents exchanged on SAP Business Network for Procurement (Purchase Orders, Order Confirmations, Ship Notices, and Invoices) are subject to notifications. To view the full list of available notifications on the Buyer Account click on "Quick links" (at the top right of the screen) and then on Notifications.

Watch how the use of notifications and reports can be combined:

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