Getting to Know SAP Business Network Supplier Portal Services Scope


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SAP Business Network Supplier Portal Scope

SAP Business Network Supplier Portal supports:

  • A transactional capacity for 200,000 documents per year.
  • One ERP Implementation with a maximum of 3 environments.
  • An Implementation based of standardized scenarios based on SAP Best Practices.
  • Limited Supplier Enablement Services.
  • Limited support for Supplier Integration: Integration Pilot Only.
  • No Catalog Enablement Services.
  • Indirect Procurement Only.

SAP Business Network Supplier Portal is the world’s largest Business Network with dedicated enablement services, accelerated adoption and time to value. It links the Digital Core to your critical Trading Partners, accelerating the digital transformation on the path to becoming an Intelligent Enterprise.

Your ERP, in this scenario S/4HANA is the Digital Core of your business. It runs your enterprise finances, sales, HR, procurement, and supply chain with tight integration between all the modules.Most of your transactions touch an external Trading Partners which cannot directly connect to your ERP.

To stop using error-prone, slow, expensive, and data-poor solutions such as a fax machine, printed documents, phone exchanges or an EDI connection the SAP Business Network Supplier Portal gives your ERP system immediate access to the Trading Partners in your supply chain - as one digital connection.

It is essentially powered by SAP Business Network, which is proven to be mature, scalable, and secure. SAP Business Network already has millions of Suppliers enabled — many of whom you are already trading with! The transactions rules on the network allow for accurate, in real-time, low cost and data-rich exchanges in your supply chain.

SAP Business Network Supplier Portal Improves:

  • The delivery of compliant Purchase Orders.
  • The Invoice data accuracy.
  • On-time payment performance that results in improved cash flow management.

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