Introducing the Integration Suite, managed gateway Mapping Tool


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Discover how the mapping tool operates and describe the sequence of actions taken during the mapping process within SAP Integration Suite, managed gateway

Mapping Repository

The managed gateway offers a set of pre-made mapping content by SAP that helps to convert the S/4HANA Cloud message format into SAP Business Network's native message format.

The mapping tool, a part of the SAP Integration Suite's extension tools for managing spend and business network, lets buyers set up their own specific mappings. This tool is a self-help option that supports a high demand for personalized mappings.

SAP Integration Suite provides three different kinds of mappings in its managed gateway for spend management and SAP Business Network.

SAP Managed Gateway Mapping Types

Standard mappingThe mappings that are delivered with every integration. The mapping transformations are delivered for every document type available in managed gateway.
Manual extension mappingMappings developed by the SAP Implementation Services team under special circumstances.​
Custom mappingThe mappings created by buyers using the managed gateway mapping tool.​
An illustrated flowchart showing three types of document mappings in a managed gateway.

SAP Integration Suite, managed gateway allows buyers to retain the format in which they send the transaction documents between SAP ERP and SAP Business Network. The managed gateway receives documents from SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA system in a non-cXML format, transforms them into cXML format, and sends them to SAP Business Network.

When you upgrade to a higher version of the managed gateway add-on, the mapping tool automatically migrates the custom mappings to the new version of the add-on.

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