Performing Cut-Over


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Discover essential cutover procedures for buyer integration, crucial for a seamless transition from quality to production in the S/4HANA Cloud environment

S/4HANA Cloud Systems

Utilize the SAP Central Business Configuration to facilitate the transport of the 42K Scope Item Configuration from the S/4HANA quality to the production system. Certain business process steps must be redone within the S/4HANA Cloud Production system, alongside setting up communication management, both of which fall under the purview of the customer's designated Integration Expert.

SAP Integration Suite, managed gateway Account

A singular Integration Suite, managed gateway account exists, serving both testing and production environments. Configuration transport within the Integration Suite, managed gateway account, from test to production, is efficiently executed by utilizing the 'Push-to-Production' feature.

This is valid for the whole configuration project but also for custom mappings.

Production SAP Business Network Buyer Account Configuration

The production buyer account is established automatically during the buyer account provisioning phase. However, in the production environment of SAP Business Network, the System ID must be inputted manually, sourced from your production S/4HANA Cloud instance.

Business transaction rules can be transitioned from the test to the production SAP Business Network buyer account. Additional configurations, such as notifications, require setup within the production SAP Business Network buyer account.

Additional Considerations

Should there be UI Customizations within SAP Business Network, these require deployment by the Implementation Service team. Additionally, communication management and specific business process configurations need to be addressed directly within the Production S/4HANA Cloud environment.

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