Understanding Advanced Ship Notice Rules


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Define key advanced ship notice rules

SAP Business Network: Advanced Ship Notice Transaction Rules

Advanced ship notices keep buyers informed about when they can expect to receive the material items ordered from a trading partner. This lesson outlines considerations for advanced ship notices.

  • When deciding on how to configure ship notice rules, consider the following questions:
  • How does a ship notice fit in your current procurement process?
    • Is it mandatory, "nice to have", or not allowed at all?
  • Are there existing workflows?
  • How is a purchaser notified of a shipped and incoming order?
  • How do you handle shipped orders that need to be cancelled?

Learn more about key advanced ship notice rules and how they function.

  • Allow Suppliers to send Ship Notices to this account.default transaction rules screen in the system at the rule to allow suppliers to send ship noticesThis screenshot shows the Rule “Allow Suppliers to send ship notices to this account”.

    If you do not allow Ship Notices, "Uncheck" this rule.

  • Require Suppliers to create a Ship Notice for the Purchase Order before creating an Invoice.This screenshot shows the Rule “Require Suppliers to create a Ship Notice for the PO before creating an Invoice”.

    If you check this rule, it will require your suppliers to submit a ship notice before creating an invoice, otherwise a network error will be generated.

    If you do not require ship notices, it is not recommended to check this rule as it creates a barrier to invoicing.

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