Entering Customer Invoices and Credit Memos


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Enter Customer Invoices and Credit Memos.
  • Review document editing options.

Customer Invoices and Credit Memos

Nearly all invoices and credit memos from customers within the receivables management component are integrated with the sales order management component.

In certain cases, invoices and credit memos can be entered into the receivables management subledger with no reference to a sales order. These are referred to as miscellaneous invoices.

Select the play button to learn about posting invoices and credit memos in SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition system.

When you post the customer invoice or credit memo, the Customer account in the subledger is updated and the G/L account for Receivables is simultaneously updated. Thus, the subledger and G/L account are always in balance.


You can only post a balanced invoice/credit memo.

Foreign Currency Invoices

It’s possible to enter invoices in foreign currencies.

Select the play button to learn more about posting foreign currency invoices in SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition system.

Enter Customer Invoices and Credit Memos

Although most invoices are created through the sales order management process, you can create invoices in accounts receivable accounting. In this business scenario your company has sold some goods to your customer. Create two invoices using the SAP Fiori App, . The customer then queries one of the invoices as they claim that they have been overcharged. As a result, you will then process a credit memo using the same App to reflect the adjustment.

Practice yourself using the interactive simulation to create an outgoing invoice.

Editing Options for Invoices and Credit Memos

Michael has learned how to post invoices and credit memos. He needs to review the system settings to adapt to the individual needs of each user when it comes to entering invoices and credit memos. For instance, letting the system calculate taxes, or using adapted screen variants.

These options are available during the document entry of a customer invoice. By choosing the Editing Options, the user can change the default settings such as displaying and changing the document type and being able to default the invoice date to the posting date.

You can also use this function to make user-specific settings for:

  • Entering documents
  • Processing open Items
  • Displaying line items

Maintain Editing Options

Michael has noticed that when he posts invoices and credit memos he cannot see what the document type is. He learns that it is hidden in the Header part of the data entry screen. He would like to change the document type depending on the business scenario. He also wants to explore available options to assist him in data entry.

In this exercise, you will change the customer invoice editing options.

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