Leveraging Customer Master Data Reporting


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Execute customer master data reporting

Customer Master Data Reports

The Display Customer List is the main application used to retrieve and report customers. Several selection criteria are available by default and can be used to narrow down the research - for example, by Company Code or by Country.

Additional selection criteria can easily be added by the business user - for example, Created by to retrieve the customers created by a particular business user, including oneself.

The information that is included in the list can be selected by the user. The retrieved data can be filtered, sorted, and can also exported to a file, either and Excel spreadsheet or an Adobe PDF file.

Another key application for the review of customers is the Customer Master Object Page. It provides a condensed overview, not only of master data but also transactional and statistical data

Create a Customer List

You have been asked to create a list of customers for Company Code 1010. You also want to view the data of the customer that you just created.

Display the Customer Object Page

You want to view the data for a specific Business Partner. Use the Manage Business Master Data app to access the Customer Object Page.

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