Using Receivables Reporting


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  • Outline receivables management reporting

Accounts Receivable Overview

Michael is wondering what apps are available for reporting on key areas of Receivables Management. Are there readily available reports that presents pertinent information and key performance indicators (KPIs) that let you drill down to the line items? With some guidance from his team, he discovers the following apps;

Accounts Receivable Overview

With this analytical overview app you can monitor important accounts receivable indicators in a central place in a dashboard view and access the relevant accounts receivable apps. You can use the filters to limit the data behind the indicators to the information most relevant for you.

The app offers a readily available dashboard that presents pertinent information and KPIs related to receivables management. This includes aging analysis, Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), top 10 debtors, and more.

The filters available help to limit and organize the data behind the indicators to the most relevant information.

Select the play button to find out more about the Accounts Receivable Overview app in SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition system.

Overdue Receivables Today

This analytical app shows you the Key Performance Indicator Overdue Receivables.

You can drill down to analyze the 10 highest overdue receivables by customer, which enables you to take quick action to reduce the highest amounts owing to your business. You can analyze your overdue receivables in either a table or a chart according to account group, accounting clerk, company code, country key, credit segment, customer, customer classification, display currency, exchange rate type, G/L account, reconciliation account, region, risk class, or special G/L.

Account Receivable Overview

In this exercise you explore the Accounts Receivable Overview app.

Overdue Receivables App

In this exercise you explore the Overdue Receivables app.

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