Performing Mass Maintenance of Customer Data


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Change multiple customers records in a single step

Customer Mass Maintenance

Customer Mass Maintenance

Michael is confident now that changes to an individual customer master records can be easily handled by the system. However, he can imagine that there may be changes that need to be applied over many different customers and want to know if there are any tools available to process these changes in mass. For example, if a new Company Code is created and multiple customers must be authorized for it, or if a company decides to modify the payment terms for hundreds of its customers.

These requirements can be easily fulfilled by SAP S/4HANA: the system disposes of a standard application to carry out the mass upload of customer master records, that can be used for example to upload data from a legacy system.

Additionally, another app is dedicated to performing mass changes to customer master records. It allows the user to select first the customers to be modified, and then, which fields and values to update.

Usually, the authorization to use these Mass Maintenance apps is restricted to the data administration or IT project teams, but the business users should be involved as they understand what the data changes should look like when completed.

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