Customizing the SAP Business Network User Interface


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Describe the enhancement possibilities for the 42K Source to Pay processes. The primary emphasis is on enhancements within SAP Business Network, encompassing both User Interface and data content improvements

Introduction to SAP Business Network User Interface Customizations

As a customer you gain access to standardized processes through the Implementation of the SAP Business Network Supplier Portal content. These standardized processes cover most important source-to-pay requirements. Nevertheless, there may be situations where the customer requires customization.

The User Interface of the SAP Business Network portal can be adjusted for the most important indirect spend messages.

The following list (taken from the Deployment Description) specifies available customization options, which can be added to the standard user interface inside SAP Business Network. Each message type is treated separately. Custom configurations can affect the UI layout shown to the buyer and the supplier and can restrict the fields values inside the cXML file:

  • Hide a field
  • Change a field label (user interface impact only, the field name sent in cXML persists the field name in the cXML DTD)
  • Display field selection values as a customer defined value list
  • Change defaulted user input fields to be read only
  • Default a field value
  • Change optional entry field to be mandatory
  • Set a required length of a field
  • Restrict length of a field

Buyers can choose a total of five (5) fields for the custom configuration(s) listed (one (1) custom configuration per field) as part of the Deployment Services.

User interface displaying an invoice header with editable fields and options for customizing field requirements, including toggles for mandatory entry, hiding fields, setting field lengths, labeling, and setting default values.

The custom configurations are specific to invoice and purchase orders. Limited adjustments are possible for order confirmation, service entry sheet, or advanced shipment notification.

It is important to highlight that each of the requirement undergoes a feasibility check by the Implementation Services team.

These UI customizations can only be done inside a tool called SAP Business Network UI Customization Tool which is only accessible by the Implementation Services team. For any of these changes please contact your assigned SAP team member.

The SAP team member will offer additional contextual details, guidance on factors to take into account, will implement the changes provide instructions on the production transportation process.

These User Interface changes become valid for the buyer side but also for the supplier side of SAP Business Network.

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