Establishing your Company Profile Information


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Set up your SAP Business Network for Procurement Buyer Account Company Profile

SAP Business Network for Procurement Buyer account Administration: Company Profile Information

To summarize the key information provided in previous lesson and before going into details of the Buyer Account configuration, please watch the video below described in the video and before starting any activities on SAP Business Network for Procurement, Buyers need to configure their Buyer Account with a globally applicable Company Profile and Company Logo.

This information represents the Buyer organization to the entire SAP Business Network for Procurement, and are made visible to Trading Partners in multiple ways:

  • On the Trading Relationship Request message sent to the Supplier e-mail address (default setting).
  • On the Supplier Account after Trading Relationship Request is confirmed.
  • The logo is applied to all documents sent by Buyers to their Trading Partners through SAP Business Network for Procurement.
  • On SAP Ariba Discovery.

To configure the Company Profile on the SAP Business Network for Procurement Buyer Account in test and production environment, log into the Buyer Account in each environment separately and follow the steps:

  1. Manage Profile

    Press on your initials at the top right corner of the page to open your Buyer Account Settings.

    Then, select optionManage Profile.

  2. Company Profile

    Select Company Profile from the list of options.

    Here, you can update your Company NameAddress, and Contact Informationcheck your Buyer Account ANID numberadd your Company public website andD-U-N-S number. Note that there is only one Company Profile for your Buyer Account. This profile page is visible to Suppliers and represents your Company on SAP Business Network for Procurement as well as Discovery.

  3. Upload Company Logo

Starting again from the "Manage Profile" overview, select the option "Upload Company Logo". Upload your Company logo which will be displayed on Purchase Orders sent through SAP Business Network for Procurement. The logo must be uploaded in GIF format, with a maximum file size of 20 KB and with maximum dimensions: 250 pixels wide by 100 pixels high.

Once Buyers start using SAP Business Network for Procurement in the production environment, any changes to the Company Profile have a direct impact on Purchase Orders and Supplier Enablement related activities. Therefore, it is highly recommended:

  • For the Buyer Account administrator to reduce the configuration options to a minimum of users (more details in the next lesson).
  • Test any potential impact on Purchase Orders and Supplier Enablement activities in the test environment first, before changing the Company Profile in the production environment.
  • To communicate internally any changes made to the network’s Company Profile.

If Buyers connect multiple entities to the same Buyer account, the Company Profile details will be applicable for the entire buying-organization. It is currently not possible to create individual Company Profiles for each Buyer subsidiary that is transacting through the same Buyer Account.

However, in addition to the main Company Profile, Buyers have the option to list additional Company Contact Details, Company Addresses and Logos to their Account. This information is restricted to the use of Trading Relationship Request messages sent from the Buyer Account to Trading Partners e-mail addresses.

Review the Buyer Account configuration check list before the Business Go-Live.

For a full overview of the "Manage Profile" section on the Buyer account, please consult the SAP Business Network Administration Guide.

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