Introducing SAP Business Network Supplier Portal


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  • Explain the SAP Business Network Supplier Portal subscription

SAP Business Network Supplier Portal

The SAP Business Network Supplier Portal is a native extension of S/4HANA ERP that enables collaboration with suppliers through a portal powered by SAP Business Network. It’s a natural extension of your S/4HANA ERP that allows mid-market customers to develop their businesses.

This solution empowers you to streamline your procurement processes and optimize your supply chain, driving better business outcomes and delivering more value.

Automate your procurement collaboration workflows with real-time information sharing and document exchange.

All these documents are available with the SAP Business Network Supplier Portal membership. Depending on your business needs, your project scope might only include a few of these documents.

  • Purchase Order
  • Good Receipt Notice
  • Invoice Status Update
  • Service Entry Sheet Status
  • Payment Remittance (with Status)
  • Purchase Order Confirmation
  • Advanced Shipping Notification
  • Invoice
  • Service Entry Sheet

High-Level Technology Landscape

In your configuration, three core elements come into play: S/4HANA Cloud and SAP Business Network for Procurement which are connected by SAP Integration Suite, managed gateway.

Technology Landscape for Public Cloud

Technology Landscape for Private Cloud

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