Setting Up Communication Management


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Configure communication management within the SAP S/4HANA Cloud environment

Communication Management vs Business Process Configuration

The SAP Business Network Supplier Portal integration will establish a link between the S/4HANA Cloud systems and SAP Business Network. Within the SAP S/4HANA Cloud environment, integration will be achieved using the pre-provided technical scope item referred to as "42K- Automation of Source-to-Pay with SAP Business Network."

This 42K Scope item Configuration within the S/4HANA Cloud Systems is divided into two parts:

  • Communication Management setup and
  • Business Process Configuration, achieved through the configuration of the 42K scope item.

Communication Management

The following objects are involved in the Communication Management setup:

  • Creating a communication user
  • Creating a communication system
  • Maintaining communication arrangements
Screenshot of the SAP Communication Management dashboard showing various options for setup and maintenance, including Communication Arrangements, Communication Systems, Maintain Communication Users, and others, within the Business Process Configuration interface.

In this section, we are focusing on the Communication Management setup. The configuration of the functional scope item will be covered in a subsequent stage.

Communication Users

A communication user enables the integration with other solutions. To be able to post data, the solutions must authenticate themselves using the communication user and password that you created. The communication users are assigned to the communication system you want to use. You can create and manage communication users for different integration scenarios with other solutions using the Maintain Communication Users app.

Screenshot of the SAP interface for maintaining communication users.

You can use the Maintain Communication Users app to

  • Create, delete, or edit a user.
  • Lock or unlock a user.
  • Display communication systems that use the selected communication user.
  • Display communication arrangements for the systems that use the selected communication user.

Communication Systems

The communication system represents the communication partner within a communication. For inbound communication, this is the system that calls services provided by your system. For outbound communication, this is the system that provides services called by your system. You can create new communication systems using the Communication Systems app, which you can later use to establish communication arrangements. To enable communication between different systems, you must register the systems in the Communication Systems app.

Screenshot of the SAP interface showing a list of Communication Systems with options to create a new system.

You can use the Communication Systems to

  • Create or delete communication systems.
  • Display detailed information about existing communication systems.

Communication Scenarios

You can display communication scenarios used for integrations using the Display Communication Scenarios app. A communication scenario bundles inbound and outbound communication design-time artifacts. Since it allows communication between systems, each communication arrangement must be based on a communication scenario. For all standard sourcing and procurement APIs, SAP S/4HANA Cloud provides predefined communication scenarios. For instance, Purchase Order Integration (SAP_COM_0053) communication scenario enables you to retrieve purchase orders in an API call, which can be consumed by external applications to integrate with purchase order processing in SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

A screenshot of the SAP interface displaying various communication scenarios related to purchase order integration, showcasing the user interface for creating and managing these scenarios within the SAP system.

You can use the Display Communication Scenarios app to

  • Display all available communication scenarios.
  • Display scenario details and properties.
  • Display supported inbound authentication methods and inbound services used in a communication scenario.
  • Display supported outbound authentication methods, certificates, and outbound services used in a communication scenario.
  • Download certificates for specific purposes.
  • Display communication arrangements in which a communication scenario is used.
  • Create a new communication arrangement based on a communication scenario.

Communication Arrangements

The communication arrangement defines which (communication) system and which (communication) user can call which APIs (communication scenarios). You can create and edit communication arrangements using the Communication Arrangements app. The system provides communication scenarios for inbound and outbound communication that you can use to create communication arrangements.

A user interface for creating new communication arrangements in SAP S/4HANA Cloud, displaying a list of existing arrangements along with options to create a new one.

You can use the Communication Arrangements app to

  • Display all existing communication arrangements.
  • Display detailed information for the selected communication arrangement.
  • Create, delete, or edit communication arrangements.
  • Select the required communication system (user information and authentication method are filled in automatically when you select a communication system).

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