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Currency translation in group reporting translates by groups of FS items and movement types. What translation method sequence posts currency translation adjustments to the original FS item?
Choose the correct answer.
Typically, the Calculate Net Income task is run after data validation.
Choose the correct answer.
The Line Item Validation task checks if errors exist in universal journals in the form of missing or incorrect sub-assignments for FS items.
Choose the correct answer.
Now that you've imported file data and run data release, why might you need to run the Calculate Net Income task?
There are two correct answers.
You run data validation after each key milestone in group reporting. What are the types of data validation?
There are three correct answers.
For your SAP S/4HANA companies, you want to use existing group currency values as-is. What translation key is used to not re-translate existing group currency values?
Choose the correct answer.
Document types help determine the source of data in group reporting. Document types are assigned to multiple posting levels.
Choose the correct answer.
What purpose do selected items perform?
There are two correct answers.

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