Maintenance Order document transfer to Purchase requisition


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Maintenance Order Document Transfer to Purchase Requisition

Maintenance Order Document Transfer to Purchase Requisition

Attachments to Maintenance Order Components – Technical Perspective

Administrative Information:

  • This application is provided via the Business Catalog "SAP_EAM_BC_ORD" 
  • This business catalog belongs to the Maintenance Planner role
  • This application is published with the following scope items: 
    • 4HH (Reactive Maintenance)
    • 4HI (Proactive Maintenance)
    • 4WM (Operational and Overhead Maintenance)
    • 4VT (Improvement Maintenance)
    • BH1 (Corrective Maintenance)
    • BH2 (Emergency Maintenance)
    • BJ2 (Preventive Maintenance)

When you assign documents to a non-stock component or lean service in the maintenance order, these documents are now automatically copied to the relevant purchase requisition item. When you remove a document assignment from an item for which a purchase requisition has already been created, the document is also removed from the purchase requisition. To ensure consistent information across all data records, you can no longer remove the corresponding document assignments in the maintenance order once a purchase order has been created.

Effects on Configuration

If documents cannot be copied to the purchase requisition, the system raises a warning message. You can change the configuration of these messages in the configuration activity Message Control and determine whether they should be shown as error messages, information messages, or not at all.

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