Select Materials and Services from Purchase Contract


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Select Materials and Services from Purchase Contract

  • With this feature, you can select materials and services from a purchase contract and copy them to a maintenance order operation. For this purpose, a new button Select from Contract is now available on the relevant screens in the Change Maintenance Order app.
  • The new Select from Contract button is available on the Materials and Services tab pages of the operation details and in the Material Overview of a maintenance order.

When you choose this button, the system displays a list of purchase contracts along with the materials and services contained in them. You can select these items and copy them to the maintenance order. To identify the required materials or services, you can filter the list according to certain criteria, such as the supplier or the validity period. If the contract items are arranged in a hierarchy list, you can expand the individual hierarchy levels (item sets) to find and select the relevant materials and services.

Effects on Customizing

To display the Select from Contract in the Change Maintenance Order app, you need to activate the additional function CONTRACTWD (Select from Contract in Order Web Dynpro) in Customizing for Plant Maintenance and Customer Service under System Enhancements and Data Transfer, Activate Functions for Enterprise Asset Management.

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