Validity Phase control codes


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Validity of Phase Control Codes

Technical Perspective Phase Control Codes

Phase Control Codes are only available for scope items:

  • 4HH (Reactive Maintenance)
  • 4HI (Proactive Maintenance)
  • 4WM (Operational and Overhead Maintenance)
  • 4VT (Improvement Maintenance)

Functional Perspective Phase Control Codes

Validity of Phase Control Codes

ValidA valid phase control code can be used without any restrictions.
DeprecatedA deprecated phase control code is still displayed in the value help and can still be activated and deactivated. If the user selects this phase control code and wants to activate it, the system issues a warning message.
No longer valid

A phase control code that is no longer valid cannot be activated. This means that the user cannot select invalid phase control codes from the value help in any apps that allow the activation of phase control codes (for example, in the Change Maintenance Order app). However, an invalid phase control code can still be deactivated.​

Note that invalid phase control codes can be selected from the value help and displayed in apps that provide a list view. This allows you to use invalid phase control codes as a search and filter criterion.

CDS Views for Maintenance Orders and Operations

Changes have been made to the following CDS views:

  • Maintenance Order Cube with Technical Object (I_MaintOrderTechObjCube): New attributes are available:
    • Process Phase (MaintOrdProcessPhaseCode), 
    • Process Subphase (MaintOrdProcessSubPhaseCode)
    • Processing Context (MaintOrderProcessingContext)
    • Previous Latest Acceptable Completion Date (PrevLtstAccptblCompletionDate)
    • Latest Acceptable Completion Date (LatestAcceptableCompletionDate)
  • Maintenance Order Operation Data (I_MaintOrderOperationData): This CDS view has been deprecated. You can use the following successor CDS view: Maintenance Order Operation (I_MaintOrderOperation_DEX).

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