Material Serial Number API


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Material Serial Number API

Material Serial Number API


This service enables you to create, read, and update serial numbers for a material.

Material serial number represents a serialized equipment and is used to identify an individual instance of a material or an equipment. 

The payload used to create a material serial number through this API is sent in JSON format as a request object. The partner for the material serial number is included within as a nested object

This service is published on the SAP API Business Hub. For more information about APIs, see APIs on SAP API Business Hub

Start: Can move the job in Work in Execution subphase.

Pause: Can pause a job that's in execution.

Resume: Can resume a job that was paused.

Record Time: Can record actual time spent by technician and other employees and remaining efforts for the job. Final confirmation can be marked once the job is completed and no more time confirmation is required.

Add measurement: Allows technician to record the readings of the Measuring points associated with Technical object at operation level.

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